Espresso Moon

Espresso Moon LLC is a Houston-based consulting and development company integrating custom business software, mobile apps and web presence to drive business success.

Since 2004, we have delivered over 1,000 intuitive bespoke software applications designed to address specific, unique challenges and give our customers a sustainable competitive advantage. Our focus includes:

  • Cloud-based data management
  • Branded SaaS products
  • Remote field operations such as inspection processes, oil and gas services and management of distributed staff
  • Business and industrial process automation, and workflow management
  • Asset management
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Collaboration software to make projects and international communication easier
  • Business administration platforms
  • Statistical analysis applications for quickly crunching and outputting large, growing data sets
  • Customer-facing applications for building brand loyalty and facilitating commerce and brand engagement
  • Security and monitoring software to help with large, multi-platform IT environments

In addition to custom development, we also provide managed hosting services, application maintenance, technical consulting and digitalization services. Our strategic design capabilities support integrating owned digital products into your organization’s brand strategy and corporate design program.

 Location : 15006 Lakewood Forest Dr.Houston, TX, United States, 77070.