Ayoka Systems

Ayoka was founded in 2002 as a Made in USA enterprise software services firm with one clear objective – bring joy to all by delivering the best customer service to our Clients. This remains Ayoka’s focus in a field that is often difficult to understand, but essential to operating a modern business.

In just the last two years, Ayoka has delivered 82 projects to a diverse range of Clients – ranging from complex, enterprise systems used at publicly traded companies subject to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, to building custom applications for new start-up firms. This experience provides proven processes and assurance of delivery.

For our Clients, Ayoka provides enterprise application services, including custom software development, systems integration, IT due diligence services, and long-term application management. We are experienced with a variety of technologies including Java Enterprise Edition, Microsoft .NET, iOS and Android platforms, SQL Server, EDI messaging, Oracle, and open source solutions.

We approach projects with thorough research, analysis, strategy, and design. Through this process, we develop focused application delivery plans; relevant, innovative concepts; proven design; and detailed, prioritized schedules and budgets. Time spent in up-front planning and design reduces the need for change requests during development. Our “open house” development model allows Clients to choose the level of involvement they feel comfortable with. Whether it is a hands-off approach or as a daily member of our development team, we will accommodate your needs.

Location : 2313 Brookhollow Plaza Dr Arlington, TX, United States 76006