Digiryte is a UK-based IT company with headquarters in Manchester and centres of excellence in India. Our Premium Offshore model is expertly designed to provide you with the best possible Agile Software Development services, all while solving the common pain points associated with traditional offshore and nearshore vendors. Our approach includes:

  • Custom-built agile development teams, carefully tailored to your needs for the perfect fit.
  • A world-class talent retention program that significantly reduces churn.
  • Access to the top 3% of talent in India, including professionals with Silicon Valley experience.
  • Complete control over your team and development process, with dedicated resources that work according to your preferences.
  • Transparent pricing and payment structures that make it easy to work with us.
  • Our Manchester location provides convenient access to our Directors, Account Managers, and Data Protection Officers, ensuring that you always have a dedicated point of contact available to address your needs.

Digiryte is proud to serve a diverse range of clients, including notable organisations such as Channel 4, NHS, ARUP, CERN, as well as Big 4 firms, startups, and scale-ups. With Digiryte Premium Offshore model, you can rest assured that you are working with a reliable, experienced team that is dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes for your business.

Location : Media City UK Salford, United Kingdom M50 2EQ