Softeq HQs are located in Houston, TX, USA. Softeq CEO is Chris Howard.

A one-stop shop for hardware, embedded, mobile, web, desktop, IoT and Cloud solutions.

Our engineers offer full-stack development services, both application- and hardware-level expertise which is hard to be found under one roof elsewhere. As Softeq celebrates its recent growth and continued success from around the world, the company is augmenting its offerings in eary-stage innovation and ideation, and enhancing its business consulting capabilities.  

We deliver:

  • Custom software: Web, desktop, mobile, and system solutions
  • Hardware: system electronics design, electronic circuit design, PCB design, design simulations, enclosure design
  • IoT wearables: consumer gadgets, smart home and healthcare solutions, robotics, DSP, and network products
  • Web: IoT solutions (smart home apps), enterprise backend solutions, prediction and recommendations based on AI/ML, intelligent bot apps, VoIP solutions, Uber-like apps, digital asset management systems
  • Mobile: IoT solutions (smart home apps, healthcare apps), enterprise white-label apps, games
  • Industrial Systems: solutions for industrial automation, HMI, test stands, NVR
  • Automotive & Transportation: HMI, ADAS, safety solutions, CCTV
  • Storage: SSD/eMMC solutions, NAND flash firmware

…and whatever solution your business may need!

Location : 1155 Dairy Ashford Street, suite 125Houston, TX, United States, 77079.