VST is a global IT company providing strategic business solutions and services to solve problems of all scales in multiple industry sectors, including retail & e-commerce, healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, banking & finance, oil & gas, automotive and more. Our vast experience and industry expertise enable us to focus on cutting-edge internet technologies with the aim of developing scalable, secure and easy-to-use web applications that work across multiple devices. We pride ourselves in offering high-end, affordable solutions and we believe that judicious use of technology, together with a good design, can reduce complexity, connect individuals, and provide valuable insights, all of which ultimately help businesses succeed. VST provides solutions to help companies enhance their enterprise operations and ensure exceptional returns on investment. Our service offerings are varied, covering many different industry verticals such as healthcare, finance, education, banking and data capture. VST has small, medium and large client engagements alike. VST’s customers typically move from an initial engagement through to a strong relationship. We work together with our customers to deliver scalable solutions that not only simplify business processes, but also improve operational efficiency. At VST, quality and process are essential because this is where real benefits are. Technical solutions alone do not bring long term improvements. People at VST are focused on learning and continuously improving their capabilities to drive quality and productivity improvements for their customers.

Location: 347 5th Avenue New York, NY, United States 10016.