• 120+ Team members
  • 200+ Implemented projects
  • 30+ Received Awards
  • 10+ Years of experience
  • Offices in Czech and USA

eMan is a leading Czech software supplier. We specialize in mobile and web application development and related services such as UI/UX design, support and service, outsourcing of IT specialists, and consulting.

We focus primarily on clients from the automotive, energy, banking, insurance, manufacturing and services industries. The quality of our solutions has been affirmed by dozens of awards. eMan operates in the Czech Republic and the United States and, since 2020, our shares have been freely traded on the PX Start Market on the Prague Stock Exchange.


Using data mining and infotainment technologies, we revitalize the connection between you and your car by implementing well-detailed applications which will inform you about the condition of the vehicle or the traffic status which awaits you on the way.


Hardware challenges and invisible obstacles stand in the process of increasing the work safety and plant efficiency. These are removable by personalized and well-tested solutions we, as software developers and technology consultants, can provide.


The main areas we focus on when developing complete solutions for the utility industry are safety, effectivity, and sustainability. Creating predictive software for customizing the advance payments, training neural networks to enhance the mining security, or offering software with embedded electronic signature for supporting the paperless contract management is the future we create.


In the world of finance, we support the accessibility of services towards clients. By developing easy-to-use internet banking applications adaptable to any kind of device we ensure the customers that they can operate with their financial investments anywhere, anytime.

Location : U Pergamenky 1145/12Prague 7, Czech Republic170 00