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A business website is WORTHLESS unless it plays a role in your sales cycle. 

Different types of companies do this in different ways – in general, the role of the website is to do one or more of the following: 

– Establish credibility and authenticity when a prospect goes to vet the business 

– Convert traffic into leads by getting them to call, book an appointment, or fill out a form. 

– Convert traffic into customers, clients, subscribers, or donors by initiating a direct financial transaction on the website 

– Generate affiliate revenue by driving traffic to affiliate links

Regardless of which of these four goals you have, you accomplish this in the same 4 ways: 

1st, Build Trust

– Leverage testimonials, case studies, impact reports, reviews, etc

– Maintain a clean, intentional aesthetic 

2nd, Communicate Clearly

– How easily can visitors understand what your business/organization does? 

– Do visitors understand the benefits of your offering? 

3rd, Drive Action

– Use clear, prominent, and intentional Calls to Action that dirve the user towrads the next step in your sales cycle. 

4th, Provide a Positive User Experience

– Make sure your website loads quickly

– Your website should look good on all devices

– Maintain a clean, appealing aesthetic 

– Make your website easy to navigate so users can find what they want quickly 

If you agree with this philosophy, we’re the team for you. Get in touch, and we’ll help you create a profitable website. 

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