NTR Labs

NTR Labs is one of the top software development companies headquartered in Moscow, Russian Federation. Founded in 2000 we have come a long way because of our valuable insights and high-quality development work. Our innovative knowledge, diverse expertise, project management and strong reputation are the qualities that help us stand apart from the crowd.

We have done hundreds of IT projects in addition to managing multiple development projects for our clients and digital advertising firms like Intel, Skype, Zurich, Caltech, Dannon, Klutz, Mckinsey and Company, Alstom, etc. We believe in turning ideas into software with easily available support of our in-house team of NTR Lab developers. With your innovative idea and our strong development team we can create a flexible software tool converting into an innovative product that helps in changing requirements and scopes for your brand.

Location: One Riverway, Suite 1700, Houston, Texas, India