Strategic Public Affairs

Strategic Public Affairs is not your typical relationship with the government or the public relations store. We develop a comprehensive understanding of a client’s business objectives, processes, challenges and growth opportunities. Our goal is to establish effective long-term relationships with our customers, not only to solve current problems and challenges, but also to better position the customer for the future. We consider that our most important functions are: 1) protect the value of the shareholders and 2) mitigate the social and political risk of the client using a wide range of services.


Whether your intelligent communications or government relations department wants an extension of your team, or needs advice on any matter, make Strategic your public affairs partner.


Strategic, resilient and implacable, we will do everything we can, within our value system, to serve the business objectives of our clients. Our Specialties are: Public Affairs, Political and Social Risk Analysis, Lobbying, Government Relations, Communications, Stakeholder Outreach, Community Engagement, Public Relations, Crisis Communications and Coalition Management.

Location: 1770 St. James Place, Suite 606Houston, TX, United States77056