Improz Marketing

Since our inception, we set out to help businesses reach their full potential. Unfortunately for us, we began during the age of cold calls and dial-up internet (The Stone Age). So as businesses began shunning us for knocking on their front door and as the information age neared, it was clear that “traditional marketing” was no longer cutting it This was our opportunity to adapt. As we all know, having a website is not enough nowadays. The marketing environment is always evolving. Sites must be optimized, marketing plans must be adjusted, and new technologies must be adopted and leveraged to provide a competitive advantage. That’s where we come in. We help clients create a presence online that has enduring value and speaks to their target market. We work WITH businesses to develop customized internet marketing strategies that deliver real and measurable results. At IMPROZ, when our clients succeed, we succeed!

Location: 2925 Richmond Ave Suite 1200Houston, TX, United States77098