Decide Consulting

► WHAT WE DOWe help companies find the best IT and Technical talent for them. Finding the right skills match is the bare minimum a recruiter can do. Our process finds the right skills and the ones with the BEST problem-solving skills.► WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT- Our founders and management are software developers. We are going to understand your technology needs before others.- We not only find people who are technically qualified, we identify the “go-to” people. The ones who have the better problem-solving skills.- We can identify and measure an individual’s problem-solving skiils- We are finding technical talent in places others do not know where to look.- We have a steady stream of passive technical talent coming to us from our social media campaigns.- We have a history of creative solutions to your software and technical talent needs.

► HOW WE HELP COMPANIES- Demand for technical talent is going through the roof. The demand for software developers will double in 10 years.- The demand for Tech and IT skills is fierce.- Companies who rely on over-worked internal recruiting and job boards are at a disadvantage. We are finding the talent first.- if your company relies on technology and IT talent – we can help you.► HEAR FROM OUR CLIENTS“Decide told us they had someone who knocked their problem-solving assessment out of the park. We hired her and she immediately made an impact. She is one of the best hires we made. Everything we throw at her, she handles. It was like drafting Tom Brady in the seventh round.”

Location: 11211 Katy Freeway Suite 680Houston, TX, United States77079